If you are on this page, I guess you are like me
	Interested in collecting sugar packets.

	Back when I first got cable internet (2000) 
	I started this page to connect sugar collectors from all over the world.

	Now that internet is everywhere, the database part is no longer necessary  
	After 20 years I decided to change a part of the page :-D

	The main part will be used to show all the series of sugar packets I have.
	Feel free to send me any additional information on the series, 
	Like date of publishing or how many packets in a series.
	I use google to translate for me, so if you see mistakes, please tell.

	Last year 2020, I moved to Portugal, 
	my whole collection including computer went into storage.
	Now halfway 2021, sugars and computer have come out of storage.
	In between setting up a small homestead, turning a shed into a temporary livingroom
	and later this year start building a house, I plan to start up trading sugars again.

Pictures of all my Serie Packets

Cats on Sugar
sugarpackets with cats on it

Some History
How to say sugar in different languages
How to store & empty sugars
What to do with leftover packets......

Small Note: I usally answer e-mail every other month. And prepare envelopes with sugar every three months. Liesbeth Vergouwe