Union Hand Roasted
At the core of our Union is the Roastmaster
who judges which coffees we source, the farms
we work with and the creation of the roast.
The Roastmaster's skill and craft ensures you
always enjoy an inspirational cup.
Farmers get a fair deal in our Union to ensure
every bean is treated with the care and attention
needed to deliver an exceptional coffee experience.
If you like, trust and respect someone you give
more of your time to them. Our Union works in
much te same way. We know each farmer,
pay them fairly and on time. So they send us
their very best coffee beans for you to enjoy.
The hallmark of our Union is a distinctive, signature
roast for each coffee. Deep, sweet and full, it's a cup
that will challenge our thinking but always excite.
4 White and 4 Purple Sticks
Fairtrade Sugar