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SAS - Scandinavia Airlines
12 packets, 1 wrapper & 1 stick

Founded in 1945 as Saudi Arabian Airlines.
Changed it's name to Saudia in 1972.
1998 changed it back to Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Founded 1976 as Tradewind Charters. Changed it's name to Silk Air in 1996
Founded on 28 January 1972 when Malaysia-Singapore Airlines split into two new airlines , Malaysian Airlines System and SIA (Singapore Airlines).

Adria Airways started in 1960

South Africa
6 packets

22 pieces - 3 companies & 5 airport
Air Europa, Futura, Iberia, Spanair, Spantax, Aeropuerto Alicante, Aeropuerto Mallorca, Aeropuerto Madrid,Aeropuerto Malaga & Aeropuerto Barcelona

Sri Lanka
Air ceylon
Was flying from 1947 till 1978
In 1972 Ceylon changed it's name to Sri Lanka
In 1978 Air Lanka took over the business
Started as Air Lanka 1979,
changed it's name to Sri Lanka Airlines in 1999

Aeroport Cointrin, Basel Airport,Cross Air, Edelweiss Air, Swissair & TEA
19 Packets & 2 Wrappers